Hello, Lover!

Whether you crave quiet pleasure toys because you live with others,
have children or family in the house, live in a community or you’re
simply sensitive to sound, here are my highly recommended
quiet toys for various use cases.

~ Susan Bratton
“Intimacy Expert to Millions💋

The Quiet Vibe Awards

AMO :: Precision Bullet Vibrator

Awarded - Very Quiet Bullet Vibe

It’s said that most women have a little spot at about two o’clock on the glans of the clitoris which is the most sensitive point. It’s fun to explore where your hot points are with the AMO. Because of the AMO’s curved point, you can target the area of your clitoris that delivers the most exquisite pleasure.

DiGiT :: Ring Handled Bullet Vibrator

Awarded - Most Quiet Tiny Device

I think of the DiGiT as a ring pop for Momma. No matter how much lube you’ve slathered on your vulva, that DiGit stays ON your fingers dancing like a hummingbird on your clitoris. No more groping around in the bed for the lost vibrator. No more having it squirt out of your hand the moment before a delicious climax. The DiGiT is fantastic for coupled sex where you want to sneak in a little low-profile vibration to add to the sensation.

Kürve :: G-Spot Dildo-Shaped Vibrator

Awarded - Best Dildo G-Spot Format

Let’s make a turn now to the Kürve. This is a dildo-styled vibrating G-Spot wand
with a number of super special features. And I have to be honest with you, the Kürve, the VIM, and the Tango are the three sex toys I take with me when I travel, that are in my nightstand and get the most play in my bedroom.

Manta :: Vibrating Penis Stroker

Awarded - Best For Penis Pleasuring

The Manta can be used as simply as a stroking device. It can stroke the shaft with or without additional hand pleasuring. Combine the Manta’s shaft vibration stroking with some oral play and it feels even more divine. Lift up the testicles and apply the Manta’s “wings” to the shaft underneath his balls while stroking or licking his upper shaft and head and it will ripple pleasure deep inside his body, accentuating his pleasure.

NOS :: Penis Ring

Awarded - Favorite Ring For Couples Play

For the couple where the guy is more sensitive to stimulation and has reasonable erectile firmness, choose the NŌS. Yes, the ring around the base of his penis will trap more blood in his penis for a firmer erection.

Put the NŌS on your man if he wants you to come while he’s inside you but doesn’t want his own perineal vibration.

For the couple where the guy is more sensitive to stimulation and has reasonable erectile firmness, choose the NŌS. Yes, the ring around the base of his penis will trap more blood in his penis for a firmer erection.

POCO :: Bendable Remote Control Vibrator

Awarded - Most Versatile Vibrator

The overall most quiet vibrator on the lowest setting for solo and partnered pleasuring is the amazingly programmable Poco, also from MysteryVibe. This is an app-driven bendable vibrator that can expertly target the G-Spot for even more erectile tissue engorgement.

Tango :: Tiny Bullet Vibrator

Awarded - Smooth And Tiny Bullet

What does a girl like me—a sex toy aficionado—do when I have “cum brain” so badly I can’t be bothered to work a toy with more than one button? Tango to
the rescue!

The Tango is the cutest little bullet vibe ever. It’s a buzzy bee of a bullet. Wildly popular because it delivers a powerful rumble in a tiny toy, Tango is a singlebutton operation. Hallelujah! Laser-like stimulation at the tip of this little slip of a toy. Let’s Tango!

Tenuto 2 :: Double Vibe Penis Ring

Awarded - Best Double Vibe Cock Ring

Put the Tenuto 2 on your guy if he has any trouble staying hard or achieving climax — two common issues in mid-life lovers. As a man ages, he may develop
cardiovascular issues, which affects blood flow including blood supply to the

VIM :: Lighter, Penetrating, Quiet Wand

Awarded - Quietest Big Rumbly Vibe

Like snowflakes, romanesco, nautilus sea shells, crystals, and the upward helix of our own DNA spirals, the VIM wand is a sculptural fractal. This new wand has the look and feel of the art.

The VIM is the newest, most exciting product on the market because it replaces what is likely the best-selling vibrator of all time. Massively upgraded from “Mom’s massager,” Fun Factory took decades of experience and made the most rumbly vibe even more penetrating. It’s a sculptural work of art, perfectly balanced so there’s no hand fatigue when you’re riding your orgasms for extended time periods. This wand is your first choice if you’re anorgasmic and your first choice if you want to engorge your erectile tissue better than ever before.

Womanizer :: Clitoral Air Stimulator

Awarded - The Ultimate Clit Sucker

And here we are at the not-so-quiet but must be on the list… Womanizer. The Womanizer is an air simulator that “sucks and blows” the clitoral tip. For some
women, this is their ultimate toy.